Floor Sanding Services – Frequently Asked Questions

Floor sanding is a standard household service here in Australia. It’s a process that involves removing the top surface of a wooden floor using sandpaper, a mechanical sander, or any other abrasive material. There are various sorts of wood floors that can handle some sanding, namely timber, cork, particleboard, and parquet, to name a few.


If you’re looking to sand your wooden floor and improve its overall quality, you should hire a professional floor sanding hire Adelaide service. Here are some frequently asked questions that most sanding service firms get from their customers:



How long does it take to complete a sand flooring project?


It depends on the overall size of a space that needs sanding. A typical, average-sized room should take about two days for the entire process to complete; the first day being the initial sanding process, and the next day is for varnishing or waxing to have that overall, smooth and clean finish. Additional time will also be factored in when considering the duration for the varnishing solution to dry out. Your professional floor sanding hire Adelaide will be able to give you a precise estimate of the period of the work.


Do sanding machines produce lots of dust?


Unfortunately, it does, and for a good reason. If you want to have the best polishing finish, you should prepare yourself for a ton of dust. The presence of dust is quite inevitable during a floor sanding process, but professional sanding experts are aware of this and have their unique methods in combating dust during the sanding process. Moreover, some modern sanding machines are dust-free, which means you can monitor the entire process without having to sneeze more than you should.


Why do you prefer wooden floors?


There aremany reasons why wooden floors are far better than any other variant. They are very convenient for different types of weather conditions. Wooden floors tend to be warm during the winter and cool during the summer. They’re also odourless and are very easy to clean. Most of all, they look great when compared with other aesthetic home features.


Hire professional floor sanding services now


Many questions go through a person’s mind when deciding to whether or not acquire professional sanding services. However, the decision seems clear. Having experts sand your floor for you is a convenience that you should not miss. These three questions will give you a good reason to start calling your local floor sanding firm and acquiring their services.