When is the Ideal Time to Call in the Pest Control Experts?

Whenever you must deal with the presence of ants, roaches, or rats at home, the first thing that comes to mind is to buy some stuff at your nearest home improvement store that will either keep the pests away or kill them. It is no secret that part of being a responsible homeowner is preventing a pest infestation on your property. For the most part, you do it right. Nevertheless, there are times when your do-it-yourself skills are no longer enough to control an impending infestation. You must acknowledge the possibility of eventually seeking help from professional and expert pest control Adelaide.

What are those signs pointing to the need to call in the pest control experts?

1 – Damage to Property

There are numerous signs of property damage caused by the pests, including but not limited to chewed-up wiring, pencil-thin tunnels along the walls, furniture with microscopic holes in them, and torn clothing and rugs. The fact that the pests already found their way to your precious belongings suggests that you are not doing a good job controlling them. It is time to let the experts handle it.

2 – Presence of Droppings and Urine

If there are droppings and wet urine spots in your basement, kitchen, or pantry, it usually means there already is a substantial presence of mice or rats. Sometimes, roaches also leave behind droppings. Aside from the filthy appearance and odour of both droppings and urine, they also are a serious health concern for anyone inside the property since they could carry diseases. Address the problem by calling the pros. They are experts at figuring out where the mice, rats, and other rodents are hiding.

3 – Scratching Sound

If you frequently hear scratching and rustling sounds in the attic, basement, or within the walls, it only means there already is an invasion in progress. The noises may come from several different sources. For instance, mice and rats produce the loudest noise,and they usually come out, wreaking havoc on your property at night. Sometimes, the rustling sound comes from inside the walls, where termites and carpenter ants are busy digging through the wood. In all those cases, you must grab that phone and call in the pest control Adelaide experts to put an end to the noise problem.

4 –Frequent Sightings

Lastly, if you see pests such as roaches, ants, mice, rats, and termites more often than usual, it is a tell-tale sign that there already might be an infestation going on. While you can quickly deal with a small presence of pests using a handful of pest control methods, the presence of a colony or nest within or near your property is more than enough reason to call in the professional pest exterminators. Do not wait for the problem to go out of control.