Tips for Hiring a Tree Stump Removal Service

After removing a dead or decaying tree on your yard, the next step is to get rid of the stump that remains. Although some homeowners choose to leave the stump in their yard, there are various compelling reasons why you should remove it. For example, the stump is a tripping hazard. If your kids or pets play outside, they might run into it and cause injury. Another reason is that the tree stump is an ideal breeding ground for pests and insects. When they make a home out of it, they get close to your property and can build an infestation.

If you are not sure about removing the tree stump with the tools you have at home and your level of skill, then there always is the option to hire tree stump removal services in Gold Coast. The advantage of hiring a pro is that you expect them to have the necessary skills, knowledge, and equipment to handle the job without fuss. However, not all companies offering tree stump removal services are good enough for you to spend money. To guarantee you are working with the right guys, you must read our tips below:

  1. Only consider companies with proof of license and certifications. Even though you think that removing a tree stump is simple, it can result in damage to property if the one doing it is not yet licensed and trained. Dig in deep when it comes to proof of license since it is a guarantee that the stump removal company employs trained and experienced guys to send to your home.
  2. Be sure the company you hire has liability insurance. The lack of insurance coverage means that if there is damage to property or injury to anyone, you might have to cover the costs since the stump removal company does not have either liability or worker’s compensation coverage. Know that liability insurance is the guarantee you need whenever a company causes damage to your home or property, while worker’s compensation is the protection you and the company need, and it covers any injury that someone sustains during the performance of the tree stump removal project.
  3. In your search for the ideal tree stump removal services in Gold Coast, do not forget to ask for referrals. If a company willingly offers referrals from previous clients, it is a show of good faith; telling you that they are proud of their last So, once any of your prospects refuse to give referrals, it means they probably have something to hide.

Finally, before you hire someone to do stump removal on your property, be sure to put everything into writing, including the estimate. The written contract is your leverage in case the company decides to bail out on you.